Love Will Tear Us Apart Uke tab by Joy Division

6 Chords used in the song: D,Dsus4,G,Bm,Em,A

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DDsus4GBmEm EmA A

When the routine bites hard
G G Em Em A A
And ambitions are low
And the resentment rides high
But emotions won't grow
And we're changing our ways,
G G Em Em A A
Taking different roads
D D Dsus4 Dsus4 G G Em Em A A
Then love, love will tear us apart again

Why is the bedroom so cold
G G Em Em A A
Turned away on your side?
Is my timing that flawed
G G Bm Bm A A
Our respect run so dry?
D D Dsus4 Dsus4
Yet there's still this appeal
G G Em EmA A
That we've kept through our lives
D D Dsus4 Dsus4 G G Em Em A A
Love, love will tear us apart again

Do you cry out in your sleep
G G Em Em A A
All my failings expose?
Get a taste in my mouth
G G Bm BmA A
As desperation takes hold
Is it something so good
G G Em Em A A
Just can't function no more?
D D Dsus4 Dsus4 G G Em Em A A
When love, love will tear us apart again


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About this song

"Love Will Tear Us Apart" is a song by the British post-punk band Joy Division. The lyrics were written by the band's vocalist, Ian Curtis, who committed suicide in May 1980, a month after the song was released as a single. The song was then re-promoted in 12" format in June 1980. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" was written in August and September of 1979 and was debuted when the band supported Buzzcocks on their UK tour in September and October 1979, and it is one of the few songs in which Ian Curtis played guitar (albeit somewhat minimally).