One Song Glory Uke tab by Jonathan Larson

9 Chords used in the song: G, Em, C, D, Am, D/F#, Cmaj7, Em7, A/G

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Album:  unknown
Key: C, G, Am, EmChords
G G Em Em C C D D Em Em

G G Em Em C C D D Em Em
One song glory. One song before I go. Glory one song to leave behind.

C C D D Em Em C C D D
Find one song, one last refrain. Glory from the pretty boy front man

Em Em G G Em Em
who wasted opportunity. One song, he had the world at his feet.

Em Em C C D D Em Em
Glory in the eyes of a young girl, a young girl.

G G Em Em
Find glory beyond the cheap colored lights, one song before the sun sets

C C D D Em Em C C D D Em Em G G
Glory on another empty life. Time Flies, time dies.

Am Am C C G G Am Am C C G G Am Am C C G G
Glory--------------- one blaze of glory. One blaze of glory.

D/F# D/F# Em Em Cmaj7 Cmaj7

G G Em Em
Find glory in a song that rings true,

Em Em C C D D Em Em
truth like a blazing fire. An eternal flame.

G G Em Em C C D D
Find one song, a song about love. Glory from the soul of a young man,

Em7 Em7
a young man.

C C D D Em Em
Find the one song before the virus takes hold, glory like a sunset.

C C D D Em7 Em7 Am Am
One song to redeem this empty life.

Am Am C C G G Am Am
Time flies, and then no need to endure anymore.

Time dies.

Uke tab by , 15 May 2013

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