Little People Uke tab by Jon Brion

19 Chords used in the song: Ab, F#, Bbm7b5, Dbmaj7, C#m9, C7+9, Abmaj7, F#maj7, Eb9, Fm7, Ab7, Bb7, D7+9, Fm9, Fm, Eb, Cm, Gm7b5, Fm6

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords
[Ab Ab]
I'm just a little person
[F# F#] [Bbm7b5 Bbm7b5]
One person in a sea
[Dbmaj7 Dbmaj7]
Of many little people
[C#m9 C#m9] [C7+9 C7+9]
Who are not aware of me

I do my little job
And live my little life
Eat my little meals
Miss my little kid and wife

[Abmaj7 Abmaj7] [F#maj7 F#maj7]
And somewhere, maybe someday
[Ab Ab] [Eb9 Eb9(13)]
Maybe somewhere far away
[Dbmaj7 Dbmaj7]
I'll find a second little person
[C#m9 C#m9] [C7+9 C7+9]
Who will look at me and say

[Fm7 Fm7]
"I know you
[Ab7 Ab7(13)] [Bb7 Bb7] [D7+9 D7+9]
You're the one I've waited for
[Fm9 Fm9]
Let's have some fun."

[Ab Ab] [Ab7 Ab7]
Life is precious every minute
[Bb7 Bb7] [D7+9 D7+9] [Dbmaj7 Dbmaj7]
And more precious with you in it
[Fm7 Fm7] [Fm Fm]
So let's have some fun

[Eb Eb] [Ab Ab] [Cm Cm] [Gm7b5 Gm7b5] [Fm7 Fm7]
We'll take a road trip way out west
[D7+9 D7+9] [Dbmaj7 Dbmaj7] [Fm Fm]
You're the one I like the best
[Eb Eb] [Fm7 Fm7]
I'm glad I've found you
[Ab7 Ab7(13)] [D7+9 D7+9]
Like hangin' 'round you
[Dbmaj7 Dbmaj7] [Fm9 Fm9]
You're the one I like the best

[Abmaj7 Abmaj7] [Gm7b5 Gm7b5]
Somewhere, maybe someday
[Abmaj7 Abmaj7] [F#maj7 F#maj7]
Maybe somewhere far away
[Abmaj7 Abmaj7] [F#maj7 F#maj7]
Somewhere, maybe someday
[Ab Ab] [F#maj7 F#maj7]
Maybe somewhere far away
[Dbmaj7 Dbmaj7] [Fm7 Fm7]
I'll meet a second little person
[C#m9 C#m9] [Fm6 Fm6/9]
And we'll go out and play

Uke tab by , 01 Jan 2009

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