Sam Hall Uke tab by Johnny Cash

5 Chords used in the song: C,G7,C7,F,Fm

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[C C]Well my name it is Sam Hall, Sam Hall 
Yes my name it is Sam Hall, it is Sam [G7 G7]Hall
My [C C]name it is Sam [C7 C7]Hall, and I [F F]hate you one and [Fm Fm]all
And I [C C]hate you one and [G7 G7]all, damn your [C C]eyes.

[C C]I killed a man they said, so they said
I killed a man they said, so they [G7 G7]said
I [C C]killed a man they [C7 C7]said, and I [F F]smashed in his [Fm Fm]head
And I [C C]left him layin' [G7 G7]dead, damn his [C C]eyes.

[C C]Well a-swingin I must go, I must go
A A-swingin I must go, I must [G7 G7]go
A A-[C C]swingin I must [C7 C7]go, while you [F F]critters down be[Fm Fm]low
Yell out [C C]"Sam I told you [G7 G7]so!", well damn your [C C]eyes.

[C C]I saw Molly in the crowd, in the crowd
I saw Molly in the crowd, in the [G7 G7]crowd
I saw [C C]Molly in the [C7 C7]crowd, and I [F F]hollered right out [Fm Fm]loud
Hey there [C C]Molly ain't you [G7 G7]proud, damn your [C C]eyes.

[C C]Then the Seriff he came too, he came too
Aw yeah, the sheriff he came too, he came [G7 G7]too
The [C C]sheriff he come [C7 C7]too, [F F] and he said "Sam how are [Fm Fm]you?"
And I said "[C C]Well sheriff how are [G7 G7]you? Damn your [C C]eyes."

[C C]My name is Samuel, Samuel
My name is Samuel, Samu[G7 G7]el
My [C C]name is Samu[C7 C7]el, and I'll [F F]see you all in [Fm Fm]hell
And I'll [C C]see you all in [G7 G7]hell, damn your [C C]eyes.


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