Don't Take Your Guns To Town Uke tab by Johnny Cash

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[AA] [CC] young xxx [G7G7] boy xxxxx [CC] Billy xxx xxxx [G7G7] restless xx xxx [CC] farm
[AA] boy [G7G7] filled xxxx [CC] wonderlust xxx [G7G7] really xxxxx xx [CC] harm
He [FF] changed xxx [C7C7] clothes xxx [FF] shined xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
And xxx [CC] mother [G7G7] cried xx [CC] he xxxxxx xxx

Don't [FF] take xxxx xxxx xx [CC] town xxx
[FF] Leave xxxx xxxx xx [CC] home xxxx
Don't [FF] take xxxx xxxx xx [CC] town

He [CC] laughed xxx [G7G7] kissed xxx [CC] mom xxx xxxx xxxxx [G7G7] Billy xxxxx x [CC] man'
I xxx [G7G7] shoot xx [CC] quick xxx xxxxxxxx xx [G7G7] anybody [CC] can
But x [FF] wouldn't [C7C7] shoot xxxx [FF] out x xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx
But xxx [CC] cried x [G7G7] gain xx xx [CC] rode xxxx


He [CC] sang x [G7G7] song xx [CC] on xx xxxx xxx [G7G7] guns xxxx xx xxx [CC] hips
He xxxx xx [G7G7] to x [CC] cattle xxxx x [G7G7] smile xxxx xxx [CC] lips
He [FF] stopped xxx [C7C7] walked xx [FF] to x xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx
But xxx [CC] mother's [G7G7] words xxxx [CC] ed xxxxx


He [CC] drank xxx [G7G7] first xxxxxx xx [CC] quor xxxx xx [G7G7] calm xxx xxxxxxx [CC] hand
And xxxxx xx [G7G7] tell xxx [CC] self xx [G7G7] had xxxxxx x [CC] man
[AA] [FF] dusty [C7C7] cowpoke [FF] at xxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxx
And xx [CC] heard x [G7G7] gain xxx [CC] mother's xxxxx


[CC] Filled xxxx [G7G7] rage xxxx [CC] Billy xxx xxxxxxx [G7G7] for xxx xxx xx [CC] draw
But xxx xxxxxxxx [G7G7] drew xxx [CC] gun xxx xxxxx xx [G7G7] fore xx xxxx [CC] saw
As [FF] Billy [C7C7] Joe xxxx [FF] to xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx
And [CC] wondered [G7G7] at xxx [CC] final xxxxx



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About this song

"Don't Take Your Guns to Town" is a 1958 single by Johnny Cash. The song tells the story of a young cowboy who, ignoring the titular advice from his mother, gets into a gunfight at a saloon and is killed. The single became his fifth release to reach the number one position on the country chart, where it stayed for six weeks. "Don't Take Your Guns to Town" was also a crossover hit peaking at number thirty-two on the pop chart.