Lets Just Live Uke tab by Jeff Williams

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Em chordEm A chordA D chordD G chordG F#m chordF#m Bm chordBm

[verse 1]
Em chordEm
It used to feel like a fairy tale
F#m chordF#m Bm chordBm
Now it seems we were just pretending
Em chordEm
We'd fix our world
Am chordAm D chordD
Then on our way to a happy ending
Em chordEm
Then it turned out life
F#m chordF#m Bm chordBm
Was far less like a bedtime story
Em chordEm
Than a tragedy
F# chordF# Bm chordBm
With no big reveal of the hero's glory
A# chordA# Am chordAm
And it seems we weren't prepared
A# chordA# G chordG C chordC
For a game that wasn't fair
C# chordC# Fm chordFm
Do we just go home
A# chordA# F chordF
Can we follow through
Am chordAm Em chordEm
When all hope is gone
C chordC Am chordAm G chordG D chordD
There is one thing we can do

G chordG
Let's just live
F#m chordF#m Bm chordBm
Day by day and not be conquered by our sorrows
G chordG F#m chordF#m
The past can't hold us down
Em chordEm
We must break free
A chordA
Inside we're torn apart
D chordD G chordG
But time will mend our hearts
F#m chordF#m
Move onward not there yet
Bm chordBm
So let's just live


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