Coffee Uke tab by Jack Stauber

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[Verse 1]
G chordG
Do I need it


Am chordAm I under control
Em chordEm
Can I beat it

Wake up

If it swallowed me whole
C chordC
Would I see it

[Verse 2]

I can make you feel alive
D chordD
I know but do I need you to survive ha ha ha
G chordG
Just a sip

Does it still matter which one
Em chordEm
Just a drip
C chordC
Am chordAm I dumbfounded when I slip


You can't believe

I can't believe
D chordD
You can't believe

I can't believe

You can't believe

I can't believe this happened
G chordG

[Verse 3]

French vanilla
Em chordEm
I think I should sit this one out

No no no

Maybe a cup of self control
C chordC
Would be the route


But it's the flavor

It's the flavor you want
D chordD G chordG
Maybe so but it feels better to check than to reflect oh


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AlliSkeleton avatar
23 Feb 2020
strangelypickles avatar
my strum is : DXUUX
29 Sep 2019
gabbyghost avatar
strumming pattern?
15 Sep 2019
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