Banana Pancake Uke tab by Jack Johnson

4 Chords used in the song: G, D, Am, C

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Album:  unknown
Key: G, EmChords and Tablature
# this is really fun to play,and sounds so good when you get it tight for the
# first time!



then the verse chords are..

G G D D-dom7 Am Am C C-dom7

# for the chorus, hold the Am Am then repeat the intro riff.

# i couldnt be buggered to write the lyrics,hope this helped you a bit tho!

Uke tab by , 07 Jul 2009

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Words would be nice.
22 Apr 2021
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flag for US(ISO2) (sugar land)
theres others tab out there if you cant be buggered to make a good one then dont post it online.
15 Jun 2011

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