Die Alone Uke tab by Ingrid Michaelson

6 Chords used in the song: Em, C, G, D, B7, Cm6

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Year:  2007
Key: EmChords
Em Em C C G G D D 2x
Em Em C C G G B7 B7 2x

G G B7 B7 Em Em C C

B7 B7 G G B7 B7

C C* ** *** C C* ** *** C C* **
////// //// // ////// //// // ////// //////
G G C C Cm6 Cm6

Uke tab by , 20 Aug 2011

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pixelpeach avatar
I love this tab so much! Good job!! I strum down three times and mute it (no strumming) for the next three beats for the majority of the song if anyone wanted to know a pattern
13 Feb 2018

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