Stay Uke tab by Hurts

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G chordG Em chordEm
My whole life waiting for the right time
C chordC G chordG
To tell you how I feel
G chordG Em chordEm
Know I try to tell you that I need you
C chordC
Here I am without you
Em chordEm D chordD
I feel so lost but what can I do
C chordC D chordD
Cause I know this love seems real
C chordC Am chordAm
But I don't know how to feel


G chordG
We say goodbye in the pouring rain
D chordD
And I break down as you walk away
Em chordEm C chordC
Stay stay
G chordG
Cause all my life I felt this way
D chordD
But I could never find the words to say
Em chordEm C chordC
Stay stay

and so on..


G chordG
So change your mind
Em chordEm
And say you're mine
C chordC
Don't leave tonight
Em chordEm

Chorus (same chords as above)

G chordG D chordD
Stay with me stay with me
Em chordEm C chordC
Stay with me stay with me


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anyapravda avatar
I need a strumming pattern
09 Sep 2020
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