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(DD) (AA)
Sometimes I feel weird and I don't know what to do
(AA) (GG)
But I know I've gotta go somewhere soon
(GG) (Dmaj7Dmaj7)
I've gotta do something soon
(DD) (AA)
Sometimes I feel like I can't do anything right
(AA) (GG)
and I know that it isn't true
(GG) (Dmaj7Dmaj7)
and I know I've gotta do something good soon
(AA) (GG) (DD)
so I get in my car and I go
(AA) (GG) (DD)
I get in my car and I go
(AA) (GG) (DD)
I get out my thread and I sew
(AA) (GG) (DD)
I get some pins and I sew

(AA) (GG)
Doesn't matter what I'm making
(AA) (GG)
just as long as I'm making something great
(AA) (GG) (AA) (GG) (Dmaj7Dmaj7)
or even mediocre I've gotta sew the hole in my pocket shut


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PonyxWright avatar
Just repeat this till the last three chords, which are a single Down for each.
16 Apr 2019
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