Moon River Uke tab by Henry Mancini

11 Chords used in the song: C, Am, F, Bm7, E7, C7, Fm, Am7, D7, Dm7, G7

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Year:  1961
Key: unknownChords
C C Am Am F F C C
Moon River, wider than a mile
F F C C Bm7 Bm7 E7 E7
I'm crossing you in style some day
Am Am C7 C7 F F Fm Fm
You dream maker, you heart breaker
Am7 Am7 D7 D7 Dm7 Dm7 G7 G7
Wherever you're going, I'm going your way

C C Am Am F F C C
Two drifters, off to see the world
F F C C Bm7 Bm7 E7 E7
There's such a lot of world to see
Am Am Am7 Am7 D7 D7 Fm Fm C C
We're af - ter the same rainbow's end
Waiting round the bend
My Huckleberry friend
Am Am Dm7 Dm7 G7 G7 C C
Moon River and me

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About this song: Moon River

"Moon River" is a song composed by Johnny Mercer (lyrics) and Henry Mancini (music) in 1961, for whom it won that year's Academy Award for Best Original Song. It is most well-known for being sung in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's by Audrey Hepburn, although it has been covered by many other artists.It became the theme song for Andy Williams, who first recorded the song in 1961 and performed it at the Academy Awards ceremonies in 1962. He sang Read more on

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