Club Cant Handle Me Uke tab by Flo Rida

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For the intro just play this C chordC F chordF C chordC F chordF

Chorus is:

C chordC
You xxxx x xxxx how
Em chordEm F chordF
xx make xx xxxx xxx stare xx x zone xxx
Am chordAm
xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx handle xx xxxxx now
C chordC F chordF
Watchin xxx xx watchin xxx xx xx xxx xxx
Am chordAm C chordC F chordF
xxx club xxxx xxxx handle xx xxxxx xxx - yeah
Am chordAm C chordC F chordF
xxx club xxxx xxxx handle xx xxxxx xxx - yeah

Now for this next part listen closely for the changes because it stays for long on one chord

C chordC
x own xxx light xxx x xxxx xxxx xx help
Gotta xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx scarface xxxxxx
xxxxxx xx wild xxxx xxxxxx xxxx plan
xxxx xx xxx xxxx arrogant xxxx yeah
xxx xxxx money xxx xxx girls xxxx xxxx
Want xx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxx Twelve
F chordF
Look xxxx cash xxx xxxx xxx xxxx stare
Bottles xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx chairs
Am chordAm
Fall xxx xxx xxxxx xxx business
C chordC
All xxx xxx xx ridiculous
F chordF
Zone xxx xx xxxx attention
Scream xxx xx xx xxx building
Am chordAm
xxxx watching x xxxx this
C chordC
xx xxxxxxx xx rolling
F chordF
xx holding x xxxx it
xxx know xx

Using this it should be clear how the entire song is played for the strumming pattern just create your own beat most sound nice


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