Donna, Donna Uke tab by Everly Brothers

6 Chords used in the song: F, Bb, G, C, Am, Gm

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Donna, Donna 

Intro: F F Bb Bb G G C C

F F Am Am C C F F
Donna, Donna, why d'ya wanna do that
Bb Bb F F C C F F
You led me on and lured me on, then you turned me down flat, da-da, da-da
Am Am C C F F
Donna, Donna, why d'ya wanna do that
Bb Bb F F C C F F
You tempted me and tortured me and left me where I was at, da-da, da-da-da
Gm Gm Bb Bb F F
Donna, why'd you wanna do that

F F Bb Bb F F C C F F
Well, when I met you at the dance, you made me think you liked me
Bb Bb F F C C F F
I thought that we could find romance, you even told me so
Bb Bb F F C C F F
You had that promise in your eyes that made my heart get ready
Bb Bb F F C C F F
You built my hopes up to the skies and then you told me no


Well, you really fed me quite a line, you really snowed me under
I thought that things were workin' fine from everything you said
But when that Johnny boy came by, he really stole my thunder
When he gave you the bloomin' eye, he really cut me dead



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