Gentleman Aren't Nice Uke tab by Emilie Autumn

7 Chords used in the song: Cm, Fm, G, D, Dm, C, B

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords
cm          fm      G G
Once upon a time I thought
cm fm G G
"What's the one thing I haven't got?"
cm fm
There's not a single thing in this world I couldn't buy
fm G G
That's when a gentleman caught my eye
cm fm G G
Once or twice we went around
cm fm G G
But now I'll tell you the thing I've found
cm fm
You shouldn't make your move until you know the price
fm cm
Because gentlemen aren't nice

cm D D dm C C
Just because I won't agree to take his arm
cm B B(flat) b(flat)m cm
And I occasionally forget his name
cm D D dm C C
He likes to call inclemency what I call charm
But I know they're all the same
cm fm G G
I think I've realized my first mistake
cm fm G G
When he cried that his heart would break
cm fm
I would have thought that I was worth the sacrifice
But gentlemen aren't nice

instrumental thing. Play whatever or find the real notes. I don't have time, sorry. I
use the chords in the key of c minor here for the bass and play notes within the key.
I think she shifts keys.

cm D D dm C C
Just because I leave him all alone for days
cm B B(flat) b(flat)m cm
And go about with others of his kind
cm D D dm C C
He dares complain about my evil ways
cm fm
And drive me out of my -- out of my mind
cm fm
What I relate is hard to bear
cm fm G G
I only endure it so that I might spare you ladies
cm fm
I'm not known for my good advice
But gentlemen aren't
G G fm
So agreeable
cm G G fm
Love ain't a paradise
cm G fm <-- not sure
And if I told you once, I won't tell you twice
fm G G cm
Gentlemen aren't nice
cm cm
Gentlemen aren't nice

Uke tab by , 01 Jan 2013

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