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Woman Without Love
Recorded by Elvis Presley
Written by Jerry Chesnut
[3/4 time]

G chordG D7 chordD7
Her eyes tell the story so well she tries hard to hide
G chordG
So little expected too often neglected a woman stripped of her pride
D7 chordD7
Always so careful not to cry until I fall asleep
G chordG
And there in the silence she lies with the tears on her cheek

C chordC
A chordA thought comes to mind that I read it somehow
D7 chordD7 G chordG
Or hear it I can't quite recall
C chordC
That a man without love's only half of a man
D7 chordD7 G chordG
But a woman is nothing at all

D7 chordD7
She knows I don't love her although heaven knows how I've tried

Her reason for living is to go right on giving
G chordG
One thing that's she's been denied
D7 chordD7
Without any warning in the wee hours of the morning she cries

Hurt deep inside that she's tried so to hide
G chordG
Is beginning to show in her eyes

repeat #2
C chordC
Yeah a man without love's only half of a man
D7 chordD7 C chordC G chordG
But a woman is nothing at a-ll


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