Daddy Don't Cry Uke tab by Elvis Presley

7 Chords used in the song: C, E7, F, A#, G7, Dm, Em

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Year:  1969
Key: AmChords
Daddy Don't Cry
Recorded by Elvis Presley
Written by Mac Davis

Today I stumbled from my bed
E7 E7
With thunder crashing in my head
F F C C A# A#
My pillow still wet from last night tears
C C E7 E7
And as I think of giving up a voice inside my coffee-cup
F F A# A# G7 G7
Kept crying out and ringing in my ears

C C Dm Dm G7 G7
Don't cry daddy daddy please don't cry
F F G7 G7
Daddy you've still got me and little Tommy
Together we'll find a brand new mommy
Daddy daddy please laugh again
G7 G7
Daddy ride us on your back again
F F Em Em Dm Dm G7 G7 C C
Oh dad-dy please don't cry

Why are children always first
E7 E7
To feel the pain and hurt the worst
F F C C A# A#
It's true but somehow it just don't seem right
C C E7 E7
Cause every time I cry I know it hurts my little children so
F F A# A# G7 G7
I wonder will it be the same tonight

Repeat #2

F F Em Em Dm Dm G7 G7 C C
Oh dad-dy please don't cry

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