Mr. Blue Sky Uke tab by Electric Light Orchestra

10 Chords used in the song :

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F chordF
Sun xx shinin' xx the xxx
Em7 chordEm7 A chordA Dm chordDm
There xxxxx a xxxxx in xxxxx
G chordG
It's xxxxxxx rainin'
Em chordEm A chordA
Everybody's xx a xxxx
Bb chordBb
And xxxxx you xxxx
F chordF Bb chordBb
It's x beautiful xxx day xxx hey

Runnin' xxxx the xxxxxx
See xxx the xxx shines xxxxxxxx
In xxx city xx the xxxxxxx
Where xxxx was xxxx
Mr xxxx Sky xx living xxxx today

Dm chordDm F chordF Bb chordBb
Mr xxxx Sky xxxxxx tell xx why
F chordF
You xxx to xxxx away
Gm chordGm F chordF Eb chordEb Bb chordBb
For xx long xxxxx did xx go xxxxx

Hey xxxxx Mr xxxx
We're xx pleased xx be xxxx you
Look xxxxxx see xxxx you xx
Everybody xxxxxx at xxx

Hey xxx with xxx pretty xxxx
Welcome xx the xxxxx race
A xxxxxxxxxxx Mr xxxx Sky's
Up xxxxx waitin' xxx today
Is xxx day xxxxx waited xxx


F chordF
Mr xxxx you xxx it xxxxx
Em7 chordEm7 A chordA Dm chordDm
But xxxx comes xxx - xxx Night
G chordG
Creepin' xxxx now xxx
Em chordEm A chordA
Hand xx on xxxx shoulder
Bb chordBb C# chordC#
Never xxxx I'll xxxxxxxx you xxxx
Eb chordEb Dm chordDm
I'll xxxxxxxx you xxxx way

Dm chordDm F chordF Bb chordBb F chordF Gm chordGm F chordF Eb chordEb Bb chordBb
Dm chordDm F chordF Bb chordBb F chordF Gm chordGm F chordF Eb chordEb Bb chordBb F chordF
About this song

Mr. Blue Sky is a song by the rock group Electric Light Orchestra. The song forms the fourth and last track on the "Concerto for a Rainy Day" suite on side three of the original two-LP set. The song features a heavily vocoded voice singing the phrase "Mister Blue Sky", (from 2:23 to 2:39, or from 2:20 to 2:34 on the 30th anniversary CD). Although the ending vocoded voice may sound like "Mister Blue Sky-yi", it is actually "Please turn me over" as it is the end of side three, and the listener is instructed to flip the LP over.

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