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This is from the Disney/Pixar movie Coco

Fm chordFm
C chordC
Remember me
Fm chordFm
Though I have to say goodbye
C chordC
Remember me
Bb7 chordBb7 E7 chordE7
Don't let it make you cry
Am chordAm
For even if I'm far away
G chordG Am chordAm
I hold you in my heart
F chordF
I sing a secret song to you
G7 chordG7
each night we are apart
C chordC
Remember me
Fm chordFm
Though I have to travel far
C chordC
Remember me
Bb7 chordBb7 C chordC
Each time you hear a sad guitar
F chordF
Know that I'm with you
G chordG F#m7 chordF#m7 F chordF
the only way that I can be
Fm chordFm Dm7 chordDm7
Until you're in my arms again
C chordC
Remember me

Note: This is in the key of C chordC(like the lullaby reprise)
for the Ernesto de la Cruz version
take it up half steps or the key of D chordD


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jrk399 avatar
jrk399 flag for US(ISO2) (Chicago)
Depending on the tempo your taking, a simple strum down on each chord if your going slow and if your taking more of a moving strum it would be D-D-U-D-U. You also can finagle with it yourself to see what feels best for you. Hope this helps :)
31 Dec 2017
RunKenshi avatar
RunKenshi flag for BE(ISO2) (Hasselt)
What strumming do you guys/gals use for this song? :o
27 Dec 2017
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