If I Loved You Uke tab by Delta Rae

4 Chords used in the song: G, Am, C, D

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Year:  2012
Key: G, EmChords
G G Am Am G G

G G Am Am G G
If I loved you, life would be easy
G G Am Am G G
There'd be no truth that I'd be scared of
G G Am Am G G
I could walk through every valley
G G Am Am G G
And you'd light me with all of your love

G G Am Am G G
But I don't love you, not like I want to
G G Am Am G G
I don't love you and that makes it hard
G G Am Am G G
And every morning, I see how you watch me
G G Am Am G G
And each night I know you feel it and it just breaks your heart

You'd make good money and come home early
And you'd kiss me and hold me each night
We would have children and they would be so beautiful
And we'd raise them and all would be right

But I don't love you, not like you need it
I don't love you, good as you are
And when I kiss you, I know that you can feel it
And I see it in your eyes, and it just breaks my heart

I wish to God I could change it, darling
G G Am Am C C
Could make you the one
I will always have these regrets and wonder
G G Am Am C C
What else I could have done

I will

'Cause if I loved you, I could be happy
I would make you the light of my world
I wouldn't wait love, I'd marry you tomorrow
And we'd make love and I'd be your girl

But I don't love you, much as I want to
I don't love you, no, it would be a lie
And you deserve love, you're better than a good day
And you'll find it, but just not in my eyes
'Cause it ain't here love, no
And it just breaks my heart

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