What Sarah Said Uke tab by Death Cab For Cutie

6 Chords used in the song: F, G, Am, C, Em, Dm

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Intro F F, G G, Am Am, C C (pretty much repeats the whole song)

F F G G Am Am C C
And xx xxxx xx xx xxxx xxxx every xxxxx xx x xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx
F F G G Am Am Em Em
As x xxxxxx xx xx xxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxx 409
F F G G Am Am
And x xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xx x xxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx
much xxxxx

F F G G Am Am Em Em
As xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxx Took xxx x xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx
Away xxxx xx

Repeat intro twice

Second Verse uses same chords as first

Dm Dm F F Am Am Em Em
'Cause xxxxxx xx comfort xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx
Dm Dm F F Am Am Em Em
Just xxxxxxx pacers xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx
Dm Dm F F Am Am Em Em
And xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx round xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx
Dm Dm F F Am Am Em Em
But xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx xxxx "Love xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx"

F F G G Am Am C C
So xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx Repeat


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squibandstuff avatar
I am a total beginner, but this made perfect sense and I was able to play it! Everything sounds great.
18 Jul 2012
talkischeap. avatar
flag for NZ(ISO2) (Auckland)
Awesome tab! Just a word for the players, though: At the end, hold 'room' and 'news' while playing the Am and Em. :)
10 Apr 2012
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