Middle Middle Uke tab by Daphne Loves Derby

7 Chords used in the song: G, Cadd9, Am, D, Cmaj7, Am7, F#m

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Tablature / Chords (Simplified Song)

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Year:  2005
Key: unknownChords and Tablature
# AUTHOR'S NOTE: Some chords have been modified to sound like the song itself. 
# Be wary of chords with * at the end of them!

Intro: G G Cadd9 Cadd9 Cadd9 Cadd9* Cadd9 Cadd9

# To play Cadd9 Cadd9* place a finger on the 4th fret A A instead of the third while keeping
# your other finger on 2nd fret C C string.

Everyone's alive but ill

Cadd9 Cadd9
Let's take deep breaths

Am Am
And lock the doors so no one

Yeah so no one has to know

I can say I'm doing well

Cadd9 Cadd9 Am Am
As long as, As long as I can see the

room from the grave yard shift she turns

Cmaj7 Cmaj7
I was too ashamed

Cmaj7 Cmaj7* # To play Cmaj7 Cmaj7, add a finger to 1st fret C C string while keeping a finger on 2nd fret A A string

Yeah, I was too ashamed

Cmaj7 Cmaj7 Cmaj7 Cmaj7*
I was just too weak to save her

Am7 Am7
But, she doesn't care

Cadd9 Cadd9
No, she doesn't care

Am7 Am7 Cadd9 Cadd9
Please let me take your pain away for one day

Repeat intro chords, verse one, and chorus one until the next set of chords

G G F#m F#m* Cadd9 Cadd9 D D

# To play F#m F#m* leave the C C string open and play it open with the rest of the chord

# Solo part

# Play 4 times, on last time around hold 3 or go to chords

Am7 Am7 Cadd9 Cadd9
Everybody's doing fine

Am7 Am7 Cadd9 Cadd9
Yeah we can stay healthy as long as there's no time to cry

Am7 Am7 Cmaj7 Cmaj7
I was hoping, I was dreaming

Cmaj7 Cmaj7* Cmaj7 Cmaj7
That we could someday change

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