Wade In Your Water Uke tab by Common Kings

4 Chords used in the song :

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E Ukulele chord C Ukulele chord G Ukulele chord Dm7 Ukulele chord

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This is my favorite song from Common Kings.
Chords used in this song are super easy, and super fun!
For the intro, instead of strumming, you pick the chords one by one.
Repeat that twice and then begin strumming.
Strum pattern: Down, Up, Chuck, Up, Down

E chordE C chordC
G chordG Dm7 chordDm7
E chordE C chordC
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G chordG Dm7 chordDm7
type of girl I'd like to feel up on (In the water)

I'd really like to rock her boat (Like A chordA)

Hurricane through the perfect storm (Yeah)

Ask where she on her way to said Haleiwa

Said she love the North Shore

Bikini top, black scotts, and the board shorts

Paddle Out, Paddle Out!

Can I wade in you water (X3)

Til I catch your wave (Yeah)

For the bridge use the chords Am chordAm, Bm chordBm, C chordC, and D chordD
Have fun and enjoy! Aloha!
And rememba, stay irie!
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