Uwu Uke tab by Chevy

6 Chords used in the song :

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Shyla avatar
Shyla flag for US(ISO2) (Anchorage)
I was wrong rjfnnff
S o r r y
20 Jan 2019
Shyla avatar
Shyla flag for US(ISO2) (Anchorage)
I don’t think this is UwU by Chevy
20 Jan 2019
Foogle avatar
Foogle flag for US(ISO2) (Saint Marie's )
Anyway, other than that comment, it does sound like it when you sing high pitched. The bottom half is not done, hence the "work in progress" note. I think it sounds a lot like it, though it would be nice to have lower pitched chords for deeper voices (since a lot of people can't sing high, like me) but please continue, it's a really nice song so far :)
12 Jan 2019
Tree_Mother avatar
This doesn't sound like the song at all
18 Dec 2018
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