Everything Is Temporary (sticks And Stones) Uke tab by Cavetown

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C chordC G chordG Am chordAm
Don't fall down tonight

F chordF
You're alive and so am I

C chordC G chordG Am chordAm
Hold on we might hotwire this old
Car and drive
F chordF


C chordC G chordG Am chordAm F chordF
C chordC G chordG Am chordAm F chordF

C chordC
Sticks and stones

G chordG
But we don't have bones inside our brains

Am chordAm
If bones are the walls between you and I then I feel pretty

F chordF F chordF
Tempted to beat myself with sticks and stones anyway
F chordF

C chordC
I've got a ray gun in my bag

G chordG
A chordA treasure map under my hat

Am chordAm
And I'll never miss a headshot or a dotted line

F chordF
I've spent way too much time

F chordF
thinkin' about dreamin' about life

F chordF Am chordAm
To miss the point which is just listen

F chordF C chordC
Cause I've listened for mine


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littlelulu avatar
Strumming pattern?
19 Jun 2019
GhostyBoy avatar
doesn't sound quite right
08 Mar 2019
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