The Other Side Uke tab by Bruno Mars

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Original tuning : -2.0 step(s) [ ? ]

Dm chordDm C chordC
Truth of the matter is I'm complicated
G chordG Dm chordDm
You're as straight as they come
C chordC
You go 'bout your day baby
G chordG Dm chordDm (Bass-D chordD C chordC A# chordA#)
While I hide from the sun

A# chordA# A7 chordA7
It's better if you don't understand
Dm chordDm C chordC A# chordA#
Cause you wont know what it's like
A7 chordA7 G chordG
Til you try

Dm chordDm C chordC G chordG Dm chordDm
You know I I've been waiting on the other side
C chordC G chordG Dm chordDm
And you all you gotta do is cross the line
C chordC
I could wait a whole life time
G chordG Dm chordDm
But you just gotta decide
C chordC G chordG Dm chordDm
You know I I've been waiting on the other waiting on the other side


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hatto avatar
Go all the way, don't just atop after first verse/hook.
03 Mar 2011
flag for (ISO2)
Quality stuff!

I would only say that the G's do sound a bit off key, but I'm afraid I just can't seem to figure out what better fits.

But still, great tab, top stuff!

23 Jan 2011
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