Talking To The Moon Uke tab by Bruno Mars

3 Chords used in the song: Bb,C,Dm

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F F I know you're somewhere out there
A A Somewhere far away
Dm Dm I want you back C C
Bb Bb I want you back

F F My neighbors think I'm crazy
A A But they don't understand
Dm Dm You're all I have
Bb Bb You're all I have

Gm Gm At night when the stars C C
Light up my room
Gm Gm I sit by myself C C
Talking to the moon Bb Bb C C Dm Dm
Tryin' to get to you Bb Bb C C Dm Dm

In hopes you're on
The other side
Talking to me too
Or am I a fool
Who sits alone
Talking to the moon


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Fuckmishi avatar
flag for ES(ISO2) (Sevilla)
Nice tab
05 Jul 2020
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