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1st verse (same chords for next verse)

E chordE
To the teller down at the bank
B chordB
youre just another checkin account
C#/Dbm chordC#/Dbm
to the plumber that came today
A chordA
youre just another house
E chordE
at the airport ticket counter
B chordB
youre just another fare
C#/Dbm chordC#/Dbm
and at the beauty shop at the mall
A chordA
well youre just another head'a hair

B chordB
thats all right
A chordA
thats okay
B chordB
you dont feel important
A chordA B chordB
honey all i got to say is

E chordE
to the world
B chordB C#/Dbm chordC#/Dbm A chordA
you may be just another girl
Fmaj chordFmaj
but to me
B chordB A chordA E chordE
baby you are the world

nd verse- use same chords as 1st verse

repeat bridge and chorus
E chordE C#/Dbm chordC#/Dbm A chordA
you think youre one of millions
A chordA E chordE E chordE
but youre one in a million to me
C#/Dbm chordC#/Dbm
when you wonder if you matter baby
A chordA E chordE
look into my eyes
B chordB A chordA
and tell me cant you see
B chordB E chordE
youre everthing to me

repeat chorus


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