I Shot The Sheriff Uke tab by Bob Marley

4 Chords used in the song: F#m, Bm, D, C#m

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Year:  2015
Key: A, F#mChords and Tablature

Chorus Chords:
| F#m F#m | F#m F#m | Bm Bm | Bm Bm | (repeat 4x)

Verse Chords:
| D D | C#m C#m | F#m F#m | F#m F#m | (repeat 5x)


I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy
I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy
All around my hometown
They're trying to track me down
They say they want to bring me in guilty
For the killing of a deputy
For the life of a deputy, but I say
I shot the sheriff, but I swear it was in self-defense
I shot the sheriff, and they say it is a capital offense
Sheriff John Brown always hated me
For what, I don't know
Every time I try to plant a seed
He says,

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Uke tab by , 12 Nov 2009

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My C#m is :


and is more easy to do (I think...)
13 Sep 2020

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About this song: I Shot The Sheriff

I Shot the Sheriff" is a song written by Bob Marley. The song was first released on The Wailers' album Burnin'. Eric Clapton recorded a cover version that was included on his album, 461 Ocean Boulevard. It is the most successful version of the song, peaking at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. During the controversy over the Body Count song "Cop Killer", it was frequently pointed out that there were no similar complaints about Marley's song even though they had similar themes. On EPMD's 1988 "Strictly Business" LP, the title track uses a sample of "I Shot the Sheriff" (Clapton's Version).

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