Concrete Jungle Uke tab by Bob Marley

5 Chords used in the song: Em,Am,D,C,G

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Bob Marley - Concrete Jungle - Uke


Em Em


Em Em Am Am Em Em
No sun will shine in my day today (no sun will shine)
Am Am D D
The high yellow moon wont come out to play (that high yellow moon wont come out to play)
C C Em Em
I said (darkness) darkness has covered my light
C C Em Em
(and has changed) and has changed my day into night, yeah
Where is the love to be found?
Em Em Am Am Em Em
Wont someone tell me? cause life (sweet life) must be somewhere to be found (must be
for me)


Em Em
Instead of concrete jungle
Where the living is hardest
Concrete jungle
Man you got to do your best

VERSE 2 follows the chords of VERSE 1.



Em Em Am Am Em Em Am Am D D C C
C C Em Em G G D D



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Medkes avatar
The note are correct. I need some help for the strumming pattern though
17 Mar 2010
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