Forever Young Uke tab by Bob Dylan

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D chordD
May god blessing keep you always
Fdim chordFdim
May your wishes all come true
Em chordEm
May you always do for others
G6 chordG6 D chordD
And let others do for you
D chordD
May you build a ladder to the stars
Fdim chordFdim
To climb on every run
G chordG A chordA A7 chordA7
And may you stay
D chordD
Forever young

A7 chordA7 Bm chordBm
Forever young forever young
A chordA D chordD
May you stay forever young


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flag for FR(ISO2) (Aix En Provence)
nice chords choice, the fdim sounds a little weird after the D
17 Dec 2012
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