Changing Of The Guards Uke tab by Bob Dylan

4 Chords used in the song: Fm,Ab,Eb,Db

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Fm Fm
Sixteen years,
Ab Ab Eb Eb Fm Fm
Sixteen banners united over the fields
Db Db Eb Eb
While the good shepherd grieves
Fm Fm Ab Ab Eb Eb
Desperate men, desperate women divided,
Fm Fm Db Db Eb Eb Ab Ab
Spreading their wings 'neath the falling leaves.

Fm Fm
Fortune calls.
Ab Ab Eb Eb Fm Fm
I stepped forth from the shadows, to the marketplace,
Db Db Eb Eb Fm Fm
Merchants and thieves, hungry for power, my last deal gone down.
Ab Ab Eb Eb Fm Fm
She's smelling sweet like the meadows where she was born,
Db Db Eb Eb Ab Ab
On midsummer's eve, near the tower.

# Interlude:



Fm Fm
Peace will come
Ab Ab Eb Eb Fm Fm
With tranquility and splendor on the wheels of fire
Db Db Eb Eb Fm Fm
But will offer no reward when her false idols fall
Ab Ab Eb Eb Fm Fm
And cruel death surrenders with its pale ghost retreating
Db Db Eb Eb Ab Ab
Between the King and the Queen of Swords.
Fm Fm Ab Ab Eb Eb Fm Fm...


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