Mean Mean Man Uke tab by Blair Crimmins and The Hookers

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Verse 1:
G chordG Em chordEm
Woah You know I hate to see you crying
C chordC
So if you don t mind leaving you can just go see if
Bm chordBm D chordD
There s a hole for you to crawl and die in
G chordG Em chordEm
All the ways you spit in my face you know that those days are thru
C chordC
So now I m goin round town cutting off dead weight
Bm chordBm D chordD
And the first thing that came to my mind was you

G chordG Em chordEm
I m startin a whole new band playing drums on an old trash can
G chordG Am chordAm Bm chordBm
Dancing on a bridge with a match in my hand
D chordD Bm chordBm G chordG
I m a mean mean man

Verse 2:
G chordG Em chordEm
About 3 I get my hands dirty it s a job but it feels like jail
C chordCBm chordBm D chordD
I get no respect from a fat drunk man I got a boss that was spawned from hell
G chordG Em chordEm
I said it was a crappy job so I took off and look that was all she wrote
C chordC Bm chordBm
But it made me feel better take the resignation letter and I shoved it right down
D chordD
her throat


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