Navajo Uke tab by Black Lips

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INTRO: Am chordAm

Am chordAm F chordF
I fell in love with a little Indian girl
D chordD E chordE
And she stole my heart away
Am chordAm F chordF
She took me to a pow-wow way out on the plains
D chordD E chordE
And runs with bears danced and brought the rains
Am chordAm F chordF
I listened to the stories all through the night
D chordD E chordE
Through the haze of that peace pipe
Am chordAm F chordF
The night grew long so i found a tee pee
Am chordAm E7 chordE7 Am chordAm
And you can bet I brought that squall girl with me

Dm chordDm C chordC
Could be Cherokee Inuit Etowah Navajo
Am chordAm
Sioux Creek Apache Seminole bravo
Dm chordDm
Tomahawk arrow any way the wind blow
E7 chordE7
It's just fine with me
Dm chordDm C chordC
Buffalo wolfpack rawhide knapsack
Am chordAm
Arrowhead mohawk other tribe to attack
Dm chordDm E7 chordE7
Take my wife back to that land with me
Am chordAm F chordF
All I gotta do is take that love to the floor
Am chordAm E7 chordE7 Am chordAm
After all I liked the way you were before


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