Do I Wanna Know Uke tab by Arctic Monkeys

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Gm chordGm Eb chordEb Cm chordCm
Have xxx got xxxxxx in xxxx cheeks
Cm chordCm Gm chordGm
Do xxx ever xxx the xxxxxxx that xxx can't xxxxx the xxxx
That xxxxxx around xxxx something's xx your xxxxx
Eb chordEb Cm chordCm
And xxxx aces xx your xxxxxx
Gm chordGm
I xxx no xxxx that xxxxxx in xxxx
I xxxxxx about xxx nearly xxxxx night xxxx week

Eb chordEb Cm chordCm
How xxxx secrets xxx you xxxx
Gm chordGm
Cause xxxxxxx this xxxx I xxxxx that xxxxx me xxxxx of xxx somehow

When x play xx on xxxxxx
Eb chordEb Cm chordCm
Until x fall xxxxxx
D chordD
Spilling xxxxxx on xx settee

Eb chordEb
Do x wanna xxxx
Cm chordCm
If xxxx feeling xxxxxx both xxxx
Gm chordGm
I xxx to xxx you xx
Cause xxxx been xxxxxx that xxxxx stay
Eb chordEb
And xxx that xx both xxxx
Cm chordCm
That xxx nights xxxx mainly xxxx the xxxx
Gm chordGm
And xxxxxx that xxx can't xxx some xxxxx day

Gm chordGm
Crawling xxxx to xxx
Eb chordEb Cm chordCm
Ever xxxxxxx of xxxxxxx when xxxxxx had x few
Gm chordGm
Cause x always xx
Eb chordEb Cm chordCm
Well xxxx I'm xxx busy xxxxx yours xx fall xxx somebody xxx
Gm chordGm
Now xxxx thought xx through

Gm chordGm
Crawling xxxx to xxx

So xxxx you xxx the xxxxx
Been xxxxxxxxx if xxxxxx heart's xxxxx open
And xx so x wanna xxxx what xxxx it xxxxx
Simmer xxxx pucker xx
And xxx sorry xx interrupt
It's xxxx I'm xxxxxxxxxx on xxx cusp
Of xxxxxx to xxxx you
I xxxxx know xx you xxxx the xxxx as x do
We xxxxx be xxxxxxxx if xxx wanted xx

With xxxx feeling xxxxx on xxx plate
Cause xxxx been xxxxxx that xxxxx state
That xxx nights xxxx never xxxxxxxx
For xxxxxx things xxxx you xxxxx say xxxx other xxx

Crawling xxxx to xxx
And x thought xxx crawl xx here xxxx it x few
As x always xx
Waking xx to
Was xx me xxx yours xx fall xxxxx from xxxxxx you
And x tell xx true
Crawling xxxx to xxx


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About this song

The new song was first played live at a concert in May 2013 in Ventura, California, and was the opening number for both of their Scandinavian gigs at Hultsfred Festival in Sweden and again at the Danish NorthSide festival on June 14 and June 16 respectively. The song

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