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Album:  unknown
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when i wake up, it's your face i see
but when i see you, it's so hard to breathe
'cause i'm constantly daydreaming of you
thinking of us and the things we could do
there's so much that i wanna say
but all the right words never come my way

you are my shining star
you give my hope when all seems to be dark
you are the one the lights up all my days
using the precious smile planted on your face
(and you are) the one i've been waiting for
(and you are) the one i'll always adore
(from the rest) girl you are set apart
because you are the one that stole my heart

(verse 2)
every night i, i pray that you
would just love me back and make my dreams come true
because girl i'd fulfill all of your needs
can't you see you mean the world to me
there's nothing that i'd rather do
than just stay by your side and take care of you


the one i've been waiting for
the one i'll always adore
girl you are set apart
because you are the one...

Uke tab by , 28 Jan 2011

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Benny1414 avatar
i approve this. i heard the melody of the notes. just make sure to add the notes with the lyrics. dont be lazyy.
07 Jun 2011

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