Bacon Pancakes (extended Version) Uke tab by Adventure Time With Finn and Jake

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~ Chords ~
Verse: F chordF, Dm chordDm, Gm chordGm, C7 chordC7
Chorus: F chordF, Dm chordDm, Bb chordBb, C7 chordC7
Bridge: Dm chordDm, A chordA, C chordC, G chordG, Bb chordBb, F chordF, G7 chordG7, C7 chordC7


F chordF
Wake up in the morning and there's one thing on my mind
Dm chordDm
My tummy starts to rumble couldn't stop it if I tried
Gm chordGm
There's so much stuff to do today but we should start it right
C7 chordC7
I need to get some nourishment or else I'll start to cry


F chordF
Bacon pancakes makin' bacon pancakes
Dm chordDm
take some bacon and I'll put it in a pancake
Bb chordBb
bacon pancakes that's what its going to make
C7 chordC7
Bacon pancaaaaaaaaakes


Dm chordDm A chordA
And now the moment we've been waiting for
C chordC G chordG
We pour the bacon in the pancake bowl
Bb chordBb F chordF
We cook and when the pancakes meet their end
G7 chordG7 C7 chordC7
We'll gather round and do it all again


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bigginz avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (Carneys Point)
I've always played it G, Em, C, D7
30 Mar 2013
kellyrogers98 avatar
Hope you guys like it (:
29 Mar 2013
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