Skyfall Uke tab by Adele

6 Chords used in the song: Cm,Eb,Gm,Bb,Ab,Fm

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Cm Cm Gm Gm (3x)
Eb Eb Bb Bb

Cm Cm Gm Gm Cm Cm
This is the end. Hold your breath and count to ten
Gm Gm Cm Cm Gm Gm Eb Eb Bb Bb
Feel the earth move and then, Hear my heart burst again
Cm Cm Gm Gm Cm Cm
For this is the end. I?ve drowned and dreamt this moment
Gm Gm Cm Cm Gm Gm Eb Eb Bb Bb
So overdue I owe them. Swept away, I?m stolen

Cm Cm
Let the sky fall. When it crumbles
Bb Bb Cm Cm Ab Ab Gm Gm
We will stand tall, Face it all together
Cm Cm
Let the sky fall. When it crumbles
Bb Bb Cm Cm Fm Fm
We will stand tall. Face it all together
Gm Gm Cm Cm
At skyfall

Cm Cm Gm Gm Cm Cm
Skyfall is where we start. A A thousand miles and poles apart
Gm Gm Cm Cm
Where worlds collide and days are dark
Gm Gm
You may have my number, you can take my name
Eb Eb Bb Bb
But you?ll never have my heart.


Ab Ab
Where you go I go. What you see I see
Gm Gm Cm Cm
I know I?d never be me without the security
Bb Bb Ab Ab Fm Fm
Of your loving arms. Keeping me from harm
Gm Gm Eb Eb Gm Gm
Put your hand in my hand And we?ll stand



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akvanhoy avatar
flag for US(ISO2) (elizabethton)
this one is pretty good. although it just says chorus to play the chorus again which could be alittle confusing
28 Nov 2012
About this song

Title song from James Bond movie "Skyfall" 2012. The Skyfall Songfacts reports that the track was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London and got its first play on Adele's website at 0.07am GMT on October 5, 2012, as part of the "James Bond Day" celebrations by Eon Productions - the fiftieth anniversary of the first Bond film, Dr. No.