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    Wed Nov 13 03:36:46 2019
    Ecnalite posted in Does your uke have name?.

    My older sister originally bought our ukulele for my older brother, but one instance, I got bored and thought to myself, "I want to play a few video game tabs on the Ukulele..."; It has been my favorite and most-used instrument ever since! So we ultimately decided that it has become my ukulele (Hehe). It's fun to play and incredibly relaxing to listen to, especially when you're the one playing and there's a slight amount of rainfall outside.

    I actually have thought about giving a name for it way back in the past, and after giving it some thought, I gave it a name I liked, but haven't shared it with anyone yet because the topic doesn't usually get brought up in a conversation~

    I named it "Kaley", which is a slight play on two syllables of the word "Ukulele". :)

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  3. Thu Jun 13 07:18:23 2019


    So I'm trying to widow a song to turn it into a ukulele tab, and there are a few parts of the song where you have to shred(?) the note, or at least play it continuously and with high speed in a span of a second, and I have not seen a depiction of shredding in a tab.

    I believe hammer-ons, depending on the note, are depicted as 5h; Pull-offs are depicted as 5p; Slides are depicted as 5/6 for upper notes and 5/4 for lower notes; But no shredding. >w>

    Should I use 5s, 5~~~, or just 5555555555555555555?