Print button?

  1. 2 weeks ago

    I haven't logged on for a spell. Whoa - the ads are brutal, btw. Where did the damned print button go?

  2. last week


    Mar 6 Administrator

    We got rid of this option a few months ago, there's no official printer-friendly version anymore (it's copyrights-related). You will have to use your browser's built-in option instead. It should work fine.

    About the ads, we've been testing a few things, it's really temporary. We're progressively reducing their number. Sorry about that.

  3. They're pretty much useless printed out of the browser. Page breaks are inevitably in the wrong place and you get ads and all.

  4. UT

    Mar 7 Administrator

    page breaks were not set in previous version, this is not something new. For some reason there's a huge blank space after the chord list, but this is definitely something we can tweak. Same thing with this ad. In case you did not notice what you print is different from what's on your screen, and this is not just because you're lucky ;)
    We need to fine-tune our "print" media query, we'll update this thread when it's done. thx for your feedback.

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