Interrupting Ads

  1. 2 years ago

    So this has been happening a lot more lately. I've been logging on to practice only to have frustrating ads either make sound or move the page to view it. While I don't mind ads as a general feature it's really frustrating to try to practice with the page jumping away from the line that I'm trying to play. Anybody else having problems with ads? I'd say this was some sort of bug my computer has but I've had this at more than one computer.

  2. No it's not a bug on your computer and it's really frustrating!! Every time I try to play something I can't because the page is constantly jumping around from top to bottom! And it's always for that stupid bbq sauce video... Which I will NEVER buy because it's so irritating! I wish they would do something to fix it :P

  3. Now a vitamin ad is making it impossible to use this site anymore. Is there a way to contact the administrator of the site?

  4. UT

    2 Nov 2017 Administrator

    Hey guys, sorry about that.
    Can you take a screenshot so we know what ad is causing the issue?
    Is it a traditional in-content banner, the footer ad, or the sticky one at the right? Audio ads are definitely not what we want. Thank you!

    @Cptnamrca Here is the contact page .

  5. last year
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    Is there no way to get rid of ads? They continue to pop up over the tab and I can't read it. Also, there is no way to dismiss the video that constantly plays on top of the tabs. Very frustrating. I can't even print the tab because that video window prints on top of the tab. Help!!!!

  6. UT

    20 Apr 2019 Administrator

    thanks a lot for reporting this and the screenshot. This is not expected. sorry about that.
    We will ask our Ad-network if we can put that ad on the left instead.

    Also, offering an option to remove ads is something not possible at the moment, sorry.

  7. So I guess your ad people said "no"? The problem persists. Thanks for your attention UT.

  8. To get around these ad issues, are the tabs downloadable? I am new to the site and have yet to find a way to download.

  9. UT

    10 May 2019 Administrator

    Hey @duhbearz Unfortunately we can't reproduce the issue. We discussed in private with a member about that, it seems it only happens on safari.
    Is it the browser you're using too? Can you send a screenshot. Thanks!

  10. i am using chrome and IE and it happens there as well.

  11. UT

    14 May 2019 Administrator
    Edited last year by UT

    thanks for providing more info.
    what's your screen size please?
    We suspect it has something to do with a very specific size. thanks in advance

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