Beautiful Creation Uke tab by Young Dee

4 Chords used in the song: F, Am, Dm, Bb

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Album:  unknown
Key: F, DmChords
(Girl Version)

I remember when I saw you shawty
Am Am
You really had me going
Dm Dm Bb Bb
You have me wanting you and loving you at first sight
F F Am Am
Tripping cause you distract me truly you make me happy
Dm Dm Bb Bb
Wonder if what we have is what you call special

F F Am Am
Boy I'm here to hold you down, help me now, say it proud
Dm Dm
I love you (you're my boy)
Bb Bb
I love you (you're my boy)
F F Am Am
When I'm writing all alone, I call you on the phone
Dm Dm
I love you (you're my boy)
Bb Bb
I love you (you're my boy)

(Keep the playing the same chords throughout the rest of the song)

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Uke tab by , 31 Dec 2011

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