Heavy Heart Uke tab by You Am I

7 Chords used in the song: C, E7, F, Ab, E, D7, Fm

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C C                        E7 E7
been watching so much t.v
im thinner than i should be

im like a waterlogged ball
Ab Ab
that no-one wants to kick around anymore
C C E7 E7
an all day morning hair-do
that no comb can get through

it's all granola and beer
Ab Ab
a calling card and a silk cut souvenir

C C E7 E7 F F
i miss you like sleep
C C E E D7 D7
and theres nothing romantic about the hours i keep
C C E7 E7 F F
the morning when it starts
Fm Fm
i dont look so sharp

now i've got a heavy heart


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SWEEB avatar
please finiiiiish. nailin' it so far.
28 Aug 2020
jamesmcgill avatar
good job
21 Feb 2013
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