Whispers Into The Other Uke tab by Why?

8 Chords used in the song: F, Fsus2, Dm, A, Gsus2, Em, Am, C/D

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for the first part of the verse play these three chords:
F F Fsus2 Fsus2 Dm Dm
Have I become bug under thumb for your scented nails to glow by?
I need out of my shirts I think you'll find attractive

A A, Gsus2 Gsus2, A A, Gsus2 Gsus2, etc.
On your hill perched so clandestine you rest like a second term president and I go
Destined to keep the crayon close and guess until my name goes red

A A, Gsus2 Gsus2, Em Em
at whose dead half-daughters
were denied your womb on the down low
At whose half-sons come a lump in my throat
and man my fever with an army of frogs underskin


F F Fsus2 Fsus2 Am Am C/D C/D
and I don't want to dance with your shadow no more
F F Fsus2 Fsus2 Dm Dm
or listen through an elephant's ear for your whispers into the other


Am Am Fsus2 Fsus2 Am Am Fsus2 Fsus2
My curse is the circuit that your fingers rehearse on me to quell my nerves
and my only one is for you to king me
with wavecrest and not stethoscope, with the core, not tentative as you were
choosing soup cansfrom the cupboardfor your grade school's Thanksgiving food drive, no.

F F Fsus2 Fsus2 Dm Dm F F
But I'm the only one pulling near clear from a melted crayon
Dm Dm F F Dm Dm
under the comforter some man cured your goosebumps with
I'm sick and stuck on something you
Dm Dm Fsus2 Fsus2
Every time I see a Honda Civic my heart just jumps right through.
F F Fsus2 Fsus2
I do it by your nails' light but nothing comes, it's true.
F F Fsus2 Fsus2
And I'm caught in a pipe to smoke my own limbs off.


A A, Gsus2 Gsus2, A A, Gsus2 Gsus2
Another gum gut morning, Telephone restraint
He's in your bed, has he taken my place?
Another gum gut morning When i see you face-to-face
He's in your bed...


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