Riptide Uke tab by Vance Joy

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Year:  2014
Key: unknownTablature (no chords)
Fingerpicking / Riff section Riptide

G|-----------------------------------| (X4)

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Uke tab by , 05 Mar 2021

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About this song: Riptide

"Riptide" is a song by Australian singer-songwriter Vance Joy. It was first released as a track on his debut EP God Loves You When You're Dancing (2013), serving as its second single, and is also featured on his debut studio album Dream Your Life Away (2014). The song was written by Joy, who also produced it with drummer Edwin White. The upbeat indie folk song has been lyrically described as a "coming of age love story" and is known for its metaphors and pop culture references. Read more on

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