Giving Up The Gun Uke tab by Vampire Weekend

4 Chords used in the song: A, F#m, E, D

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Year:  2010
Key: A, F#mChords
A A                  F#m F#m            E E                 D D
Your sword's grown old and rusty, burnt beneath the rising sun
A A F#m F#m E E D D
It's locked up like a trophy, forgetting all the things it's done
A A F#m F#m E E D D
And though it's been a long time, you're right back where you started from
A A F#m F#m E E D D
I see it in your eyes that now you?re giving up the gun....

Uke tab by , 04 Oct 2010

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Approved, but only the chorus?
05 Oct 2010

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