Truce Uke tab by Twenty One Pilots

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MoominLover00 avatar
||-// stay alive frens
12 Apr 2019
a_green_uke avatar
instead of E|--7--5--2--9| try E|--7--5--2--5| to me it sounds more accurate
12 Apr 2019
IconicSilver avatar
Love it!
09 Apr 2019
About this song

Tyler has spoken about this song being a tribute to those of which who dig into the album and really analyze the whole thing. He knew when he wrote it that all of the lyrics would come naturally to the listener, given that they had followed the album’s narrative up until that point."I think of taking that inevitable fact that we’re going to die and realizing I have a body, I have a life, I have a voice, its kind of a vessel that really kind of holds something. Read more on