Pancho And Lefty Uke tab by Townes Van Zandt

4 Chords used in the song: F, Dm, C, Bb

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Year:  2008
Key: F, DmChords
#i think it sounds better in D D but not the minor tone Bm Bm, too high)

Intro: F F - Dm Dm

Living on the road my friend is
is gonna keep you free and clean
Bb Bb
Now you wear your skin like iron
your breath as hard as kerosene

Bb Bb
Weren’t your mama’s only boy
F F Bb Bb
but her favorite one it seems
Dm Dm Bb Bb F F C C
She began to cry when you said good bye
Bb Bb Dm Dm
And sank into her dreams

Pancho was a bandit boys
his horse was fast as polished steel
Bb Bb
He wore his gun outside his pants
for all the honest world to feel

Bb Bb
Pancho met his match you know
F F Bb Bb
on the deserts down in Mexico
Dm Dm Bb Bb F F C C
Nobody heard his dy-ing words
Bb Bb Dm Dm
Ah but that’s the way it goes

Dm Dm C C Bb Bb
All the Federales say
F F Bb Bb
they could have had him any day
Dm Dm Bb Bb F F C C
They only let him slip a-way
Bb Bb Dm Dm
out of kindness I sup-pose

Uke tab by , 02 Feb 2019

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About this song: Pancho And Lefty

"Pancho and Lefty" is a folk song written by Townes Van Zandt. Van Zandt first recorded it for his 1972 album, The Late Great Townes Van Zandt. Emmylou Harris then covered the song for her 1977 album, Luxury Liner and the song became a number one country hit in 1983 when Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson adopted it as the title track of their duet album Pancho & Lefty. Read more on

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