Dream Letter Uke tab by Tim Buckley

12 Chords used in the song: Gm,Eb,Ebsus4,Ab,Bb,G,Cm,Dm,A,C,Am,F

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Gm Gm   Eb Eb   Ebsus4 Ebsus4  Ab Ab  Bb Bb G G
Lady time fly away
Cm Cm Eb Eb Dm Dm A A Bb Bb C C Am Am Gm Gm C C F F
I've been thinking 'bout my yesterday

F F C C G G Dm Dm
Oh, please listen darlin' to my empty prayers
Am Am C C Dm Dm
Sleep inside my dreams tonight
Am Am C C Dm Dm Am Am Gm Gm Dm Dm
All I need to know tonight are you and my child

F F C C G G Dm Dm
Oh, is he a soldier or is he a dreamer?
Am Am C C Dm Dm
Is he mama's little man?
Am Am C C Dm Dm
Does he help you when he can?
Am Am Gm Gm Dm Dm
Or does he ask about me?

Just like a soldier boy
G G Dm Dm
I been out fighting wars
Am Am C C Dm Dm
That the world never knows about
Am Am C C Dm Dm
But I never win them loud
Am Am Gm Gm Dm Dm
There's no crowds around me

But when I get to thinkin'
G G Dm Dm
'bout the old days
Am Am C C Dm Dm
When love was here to stay
Am Am C C Dm Dm
I wonder if we'd ever tried
Am Am Gm Gm Dm Dm C C Dm Dm
Oh, what I'd give to hold him.


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