A Rainy Night In Rio Uke tab by The Andrews Sisters

4 Chords used in the song: G7, A, D, C

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Album:  unknown
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C C Whadda they do on a rainy night in G7 G7 Rio?
Dm Dm Whadda they do when there is no starry C C sky?
F F Where do they go when they can't go for a D D walk?
D D Do they sit at home and G G talk,
Or do they stay F F inside aye C C aye
C C Where do they woo on a rainy night in G7 G7 Rio?
Dm Dm Where do the nice senoritas say C C si si?
F F Maybe the girl wants a tender kiss, and D D yet,
D D How tender can you G G get
When you're beneath a F F wet palm C C ree?
F F Whadda they do in Missi (G7 G7) ssippi
F F When skies are G7 G7 drippy?
F F And whadda they do when it's G7 G7 murky
F F In Alberq (G7 G7) uerque?
D D And whadda they do in G G Tijuana

D D When they wanna snuggle G G tight? C C Well…
G7 G7 That's what they do in F F Rio
On a D D rainy C C night!

Uke tab by , 25 Jun 2019

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